November 2009: Mechanisms of Copper Corrosion in Aqueous Environments


"Questions, hypotheses and facts related to corrosion of copper in water" presented by Ass. Prof. Gunnar Hultquist, KTH

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"Scientific workshop on the mechanism of copper canister corrosion in aqueous environments" presented by David Shoesmith, University of Western Ontario

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Copper corrosion processes in the Cu-O-H system, and their role in long-term safety assessments, presented by Christina Lilja, SKB

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Mechanisms of Copper Corrosion in Aqueous Environments, presented by moderator D.J. Duquette

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Corrosion Properties of Copper in Pure Water, presented by G. K. Chuah, National University of Singapore 

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Corrosion of Copper in Water, presented by Digby D. Macdonald, Center for Electrochemical Science and Technology

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Thermodynamics and kinetics of copper corrosion in oxygen free water, presented by Ph. D. Peter Szakalos, KTH

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Thermodynamic properties of Cu-O-H phases from first-principles calculations, presented by P.A Korzhavyi, KTH

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Workshop on Mechanisms of Copper Corrosion in Aqueous Environments - introductory Comments, presented by Prof. R.M.Latanision, The H.H. Uhlig Corrosion laboratory, MIT

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