November 2012 : The Future of Nuclear Waste - Burden or Benefit?


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Sista kapitlet i Kunskapslägesrapporten för 2013 handlar om seminariet och frågan om att återvinna det använda kärnbränslet.


Magnus Vesterlind, Section Head, Waste and Environmental Safety, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): Spent fuel - waste or a resource?

Janne Wallenius, Professor in reactor physics, KTH, New reactor technology. The current status of research, del 1  del 2

Behnam Taebi, Assistant professor of philosophy at Delft University of Technology: Intergenerational justice and its policy implications for nuclear waste management

Gene Rowe, U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board: The NUWASTE project

Shigeo Nomura, Executive Director of JAEA, President of AESJ, Japan: Japan's prospects of spent fuel recycle and disposal after Fukushima

Christophe Poinssot, Head of RadioChemistry & Processes Department, Professor at the National Institute for Nuclear Science & Technology, France: Why recycling the actinides is a key step towards sustainability

Gabrielle Hecht, Professor, Department of History, Univ. of Michigan, USA: Uranium from Africa and the Power of Nuclear Things

Ane Håkansson, Professor in Applied Nuclear Physics, Uppsala University: Recycling of nuclear waste - A matter of technology only?

Fredrik Hedenus, Chalmers University of Technology: Nuclear power as a solution to climate change? Potential consequenes of global up-scaling

Charles Forsberg, Executive Director, MIT Nuclear Fuel Cycle Project: Why Fuel Cycle Choices Will Vary With Time

Hannu Hänninen, Professor at Helsinki University of Technology: Reflections

Lars Löfquist, department of Theology, Uppsala University: Reflections

Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm, Vice-chairman Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste, Closing of the Conference